USP Student Rep – Job Description

Student Reps are appointed to represent the interests of fellow students. If someone has any points to raise about any aspect of their college experience they can do so through their student rep, who can then discuss the query within the college structure i.e. Student Union Champions, Senior Management etc. You will meet throughout the year so there are plenty of opportunities to bring issues and also positive feedback forward.

Some of the responsibilities of Student Reps include:

  • Working with curriculum areas, support areas, staff, students and the Students’ Union
  • Effective representation of student issues at curriculum area level
  • Monitoring the quality of Learner Journey that the college offers
  • Raising questions and concerns and making positive suggestions as solutions
  • Being an integral part of Learner Voice

Job Description  

  • Attend discussions with College Staff
  • Attend meetings with the Student Union when requested
  • Seek student views and opinions and communicate them effectively
  • Attend and promote college events and represent USP professionally e.g. Open Evening
  • Liaise and communicate with others
  • Attend training/seek support
  • Provide feedback to the students you represent

If you are interested in this role have a chat with your Progress Coach